Wednesday, February 11, 2009

last minute valentines

I'm babysitting tonight for my pal Namiko. I think we're going to make valentines, but I really would love to give (O.K. get) one of these--anything red or pinky and as swell as any of the following will do:

Valentinish in my estimation. These are by Betsy Walton via Morning Craft:

or hadley hutton (mix and match Valentine's prints--it's not just love here--I am in love):

From lab partners in San Francisco, cute for someone little (and 100% of the proceeds from this little guy is sent to the Uganda Village Project Scholarship Fund...what better way to show love and then more love?):

Total beautiful sweetness from susyjack*:

and downloadable(!) adorableness from little brown pen:

and then of course, when "you care enough to hit send" there's some e cards:

In the meantime, I'm busting out the doilies and glitter tonight and painting some cards red.


Elizabeth said...

Yeah for Valentines!
and pink
and joy and love
doesn't blogging turn us into kindergartners who celebrate the seasons!
but fun too

P said...

Oh my Gawd, that sounds like my idea of heaven. Doilies are like my favorite thing on earth. Especially when they have glitter on them.

I'm not sure they come cuter than Namiko.

cindy* said...

i love tiny kids! in fact, i work with them everyday...valentine's day is such a fun kid holiday.

Julia said...

What a treat! There were so many beautiful valentines in here :)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

So wonderful and sweet! Thank you for the song above too! These are all fantastic picks!