Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Beautiful Bonbon Bride

Warning: Total romance ahead.

MJ called on a Wednesday and came by the very next day.
She said, "I kind of need something fast."
I said, "How fast?"
And she said, "Well, we're kind of eloping tomorrow."
And I said, "Yes, that is fast!"
And she showed me her pretty dress and we looked at everything I already had made.
And she seemed to really know what she wanted which wasn't exactly what I already had made but kind of. And she was so damn cute and sweet, what could I do? I set to work on MJ's very own bonbon, and within a few hours she set off with a little veil made of antique mocha colored swiss-dotted tulle topped with a creamy tulle fleur and inlaid with antique silver sequins that could sparkle, all sewn with antique silk thread in pale blue and silver that she could slip into her hair fast, as she got married on a sunny afternoon on The Highline here in NYC. And she picked out a boutonierre for her beloved too. I love the photos she sent. For more go to her wedding site, which perfectly explains why all of us should elope and then have a grand party somewhere else. (Now I'm going to do it again).


Caroline said...


Marie said...

You know I'm a believer :-)Weddings are so weird (grumblegrumble).

Kaeleaann said...

Sweet, simple, beautiful. Bypassing cupcakes and bullshit and focusing on each other!

The Ultimate Bonbon Bride!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

thanks ladies. she is a total badass beauty.

nadia said...

so great!!!!!!!

What Possessed Me said...

Gorgeous bonbons for a lovely couple. They got married on the Highline, man. That's badass.

Vintage Simple said...

Oh, I love it all!! Pure loveliness all around.


hmstrjam said...

c'est magnifique Miss Bon!

cindy said...

such a wonderful way and place to get hitched. love her bon bon and the boutonierre! and, how cute are they? i love love!

Joanna said...

Very, very sweet.

Katrina said...

gorgeous, gorgeous. and so sweet that you made it so quickly too.

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