Sunday, April 24, 2011

Coming Back to Life

hide this egg

Life is feeling vital once again, always reminded of that vitality by the sudden profusion of first buds, bright patio blooms and the landscape's shift to bright green. I love watching this happen, the first struggles giving over to a complete floral and vegetal coup.

This morning I stepped out. I swept up. I noticed my orange mint and parsley is coming back. So was the pretty wild geranium, the columbine, my strawberries and fig. I've already tossed a load of the chives (growing in three pots) into a green bean hazelnut salad from my new Ottolenghi cookbook. I poked some herb seeds into some pots and planted the little flat of violas given to us by my mom, into the window boxes. I'm excited for summer herbs.

The sun is shining. Inside I made a fast Easter tableau, didn't hide anything, made some Easter matzah ball soup and without much of a plan, I think we might have a picnic later, ingredients and destination unknown.

Happy everything bunny rabbits. Hope the day is full of pleasant surprises.


Elizabeth said...

Happy Spring
I went to Booklyn but you were not there!
What a lovely day.......except for the bit about you not being there....

Asya said...

Lovely day in RI today, too, I love spring. I hope all is well with you and that you have a fab Brooklyn Flea season. Happy Easter and Passover! Let me know if you come to RI this summer, would love to see you.

galatea. said...

pretty lil' things xx

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Spring is amazing. I think there is all this work that goes on underground during winter to make all this beauty happen, but one day, it's just here and it feels like magic.

You've captured that magic here so beautifully!

cindy k said...

glad you're feeling better and love your pops of colorful spring. the weather is much nicer these last couple of days and seems like the warmth is here to stay, we hope!

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

glad you have those sick days behind deb. what a drag. but i'm glad you are feeling energetic again. i can't wait to see you (hopefully this summer yeah?). happy spring!

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