Friday, June 3, 2011

Honorable Mentions

photos by Cindy Krikowa

photo by Marie Viljoen

Marie wrote something so flattering last week, I blushed. I just saw it, late to the party as per usual. Something about dinner with no sharks. I am still blushing. In addition to being an expert in the realm of all things jardins, she is an incredible, nay unbelievable cook. Dinner at hers blow my paltry weeknight efforts out of the water but mostly it is so nice to cook for people who enjoy eating. Oh and she organized the Prospect Litter Mob, article here. Amazing. Hers will be a book I long to have.

And yesterday, Cindy of Quaint Handmade took some amazing photos of my neighborhood after a visit to the Brooklyn Flea. She also took the loveliest photo of some our flea charm bracelets which is so romantic and ethereal, I could look at her gorgeous saturated photos all day but I really must get back to work.
Today, although my honey is gone, I am starting to feel pretty good.


Cindy said...

oh wow, i love your hood and seeing my pics in your place! i wear by one of my bonbons all the time, but it's impossible to photograph my own wrist! your table is so much easier. thanks, deb! xo, c

hmstrjam said...

lovely charms, stay away from Dave, i just saw these photos on Cindy's blog, loveeelly!

limonana said...

The photos are amazing! Such beautiful charm bracelets! I want ALL of them...

cindy* said...

i love Cindy's photos! i am thinking my next bonbon will have to be a bracelet! i am wearing one of my pairs of earrings right now, with the little glass rings...i love the way their soft chiming in my ears :)

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