Tuesday, July 12, 2011

looking looking looking doing doing

little pinkies heading for Japan

"Golden Lining" necklaces went to Brooklyn

I have been: working working with Vanessa on these orders, all the colorful necklaces, custom-made for Mini Mini Market in Williamsburg, the other full of new for Fall pinky rings for Odette é Odile in Tokyo.

Rings and colorful necklaces and then: non-stop searching for apartments to lay our heads and studios in which to work. We need to be out of here by September 1st by decree and every place we've seen pales in comparison. A place to live, I still need a place to work, but I figure at this point, what can I do? Nothing to do but roll with it, knowing the new-ness will be newer and changier, like busting through the ceiling in a super-fueled rocket into another atmosphere, a queasy excitement. Yet why do I keep wanting to put everything in storage and head to my mountain top in India for a while?

Label under: Scary and Bring it.


Clementine said...

Well Firstlies, the BonBons are looking HAWT. You are on fire in the jewelry dept, ladypants.

Secondlies, I do not envy you the search for new digs. But I do know that you will make them fabulous and enviable when you find them.

miss brooklyn snapshots said...

I don't know but this link could be interesting for you: http://www.aptsandlofts.com/rentals/rental-listings
Hope you find something nice for your beautiful creations and your lovely cats.

limonana said...

LOVE those pinky rings!! don't worry deb, it WILL work out because you will WILL it to. I was in the same situation few months ago but ended up finding an even better place, it took a lot of work searching under pressure, but sometimes you get the best ideas under pressure...;o) Sending you good luck!!

Rebecca said...

The jewelry is so colorful and beautiful I a little bit want to eat it, is that bad? Good luck with the house hunting! Once you find something and the dreadful moving in 100 degree heat (because isn't it always that hot on moving day) I bet being in a new space will be super inspiring! Power through sister!

jiji said...

Ha love the Scary and Bring it motto! I totally hear you on the notion wanting and searching and trying to roll with the flow. Ugh, i know the universe is supposed to let everything unfold as it should but couldn't it do it with rent deadlines in mind? Good luck with your apt search! xo

Wholesale Jewelry Supplies said...

Well Firstlies, the BonBons are looking HAWT. You are on fire in the jewelry dept, ladypants.
Thanks for sharing.

bigBANG studio said...

Ditto about dem bonbons looking SMOKIN.
I'm seriously craving many many strings of bonbon beads.

The apartment hunt. Blerrrrrg. We just went though it in a very short and condensed period and happened upon a perfect (albeit little!) spot in Park Slope (yay! Brooklyn!) but I'll keep my ears open for any marvelous bonbon-worthy abodes.

and YES to your Indian mountain top! Yes! xoxo