Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Well Wed in Pink and Peach

The photo of our cherry blossoms comb 
turned out so nice, by Beltrami Studios
from  Well Wed Hamptons and Well Wed New York magazines.

 And the Bonbon Oiseau Rose Blush head wrap too...from Vermont Vows.

Bon Science:
I am not a girly girl on the outside, although my top 3 favorite gut responses that make me go "oooo, I'm a girl" are in response to:
1. any of the colors pink
2. eyelet and lace
3. a good ruffle.

But pink tops my girly list. Is it its soft and feminine wiles, so fresh and sweet in it's primal specialness/girly allure? Or is it retinal instead, a color so moving and soothing that mostly sensitive and feeling eyes can see it best for what it is--tender innocence and belle époque sex.

Whatever it is, I am so happy to finally see the final results from our little contribution to a very pink editorial in the Spring/Summer 2012 of Well Wed New York and Well Wed Hamptons magazines. We're also in a very elegant peachy spread in Vermont Vows!

The rest of the pink spread is pretty sweet too...

 And more of the peach spread from Vermont Vows...

Wedding season is officially here...

1 comment:

molly said...

ohmy, i feel the same way about your top three "oooohs". and the fact that i'm not a girlie girl, but heck, pink makes me swoon.