Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cambodia Blessings

We just returned from a very inspiring trip to Cambodia. Exploring around the temples of Angkor, we were lucky for many reasons: the opportunity to come to the place we only had in our dreams for many years, the opportunity to observe, opportunities to receive and count blessings, to think about what is real, what will happen, what might not, what doesn't matter anyway.

When you visit a country with such a wealth in it's history of intense grandeur, arts and spiritual depth, combined with the terror and confusion and guilt, with still so much of it's past to come to terms with, we found out it is possible to be very rooted in the present, to connect with everylovelyone we met, and hopeful with possibility. How do you let all of this out of your suitcase when you get home? How do you bring any of it with you? 


onesilentwinter said...


Cindy said...

beautiful saffron-colored beads in your next collection is one way.

Asya said...

Hi Lovely, Your photos are gorgeous! What an incredible trip. Love to you, Asya.

molly said...

did you figure it out? did you bring it home? unpack it from your suitcase? can you send some to the west coast? xom

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