Thursday, July 26, 2007

Love on a Wednesday (and a Thursday)

Even though the NY Times has gone up to a buck twenty five, last Wednesday's food section was killer and you can just check it out on-line. My secret crush, Mark Bittman, gave us "101 Simple Meals", and is worth printing (and possibly laminating or making into a Martha Stewart style scrapbook with little stickers.)
It's kitchen gold.
For example, today we shed a little tear (I did anyway-like a proud mother on graduation day) when we harvested our first crop of tomatoes and Jim cooked up number 21, with thick spaghetti, really good fruity olive oil that my brother just brought back from Provence, and fresh basil, also from the garden.
I held up the paper, hunched over with my mouth full of spaghetti and Jim responded, "It's pretty good."
We're really meant for each other.

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