Saturday, July 7, 2007

Cupcakes at the Cooper-Hewitt

Design for the Other 90% at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum.
I loved that the exhibition was set up outside, where much of life
happens in the developing world. It was the most hopeful
and inspiring exhibition I've seen in along while.
I admit guilt that I am focusing this entry on cupcakes and not so much the exhibition.

Dave regards the cupcake (in Chocolate)
Sad that the old cupcake was finished, the new cupcake (in Vanilla)

Last night, after a few glasses of some weird drink that Jim concocted using tequila, cointreau and Ceres youngberry juice (a.k.a. Youngberry Frescas). Our discussion turned to cupcakes and the best cupckae of the year award goes to:
The Cooper Hewitt Museum, NYC. Where do your cupcakes come from Cooper-Hewitt? A few weeks ago,when our friend Dave was here from Portland, we went to see two great and inspiring exhibitions, Design for the Other 90%, and their Triennial,"Design Life Now" but hadn't had lunch yet when we arrived, so opted to eat at the cafe. We were all doing so well, choosing salads and Perrier. The setting at the Cooper Hewitt is so...genteel. But it was hard to resist the giant cupcakes calling to us from under their pretty glass bell jars.
Best. Cupcakes. Ever.
Second Prize: Billy's Bakery, over on 9th Ave. in Manhattan, (which we had taken Dave, the Cupcake King, to the night before).

Cupcakes gave us energy to play with the motion detecting wall in the stairwell.Kidrobot's graffiti ready blackboard doll. Psyched to see Kidrobot,
ReadyMade Magazine, and Planet Propaganda in the Design Life Now exhibition.

I loved this lamp by Alison Berger Glassworks,
where the words become shadows, and sort of become the lampshade.

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Mista said...

I really wanted to bite that chocolate cupcake through the screen! Now I have to trek to the The Cooper Hewitt Museum!