Thursday, August 23, 2007

Anatomy of a Storm

What a week for weather. The entire continent seems to be getting pummeled. I guess northeasterners can consider ourselves lucky. It's just cold and rainy here in NY---in some ways good for work and forging full steam ahead into the fall season and preparing for the trade show in Paris (leaving for which in 5 weeks!), bad for that summertime feeling and tomato growing.

Yesterday was spent working on earrings to go with the new collection for Spring. Earrings are always an afterthought for me, necklaces are the real deal. The decolleté is the main canvas for me, and the earrings are kind of the frame. Which is strange since the first pieces that put Bonbon on the map (and inspired many many copies) were these simple mismatched (yet complementary) charm earrings, now part of the Les Historiettes or "little stories" collection. I'm going to have them cast in gold for Christmas. But I'm really pleased with what the new earrings--tassel cascades of Victorian black glass hearts and seed pearls and a few styles which I haven't ventured forth with before.

Photographer Alexa Vachon and artist/Bonbon Oiseau model Mathilde Bergeon did gorgeous photoshoot back in the beginning of July. Now I need to choose an image for my postcards and possibly posters for the booth. I love the horizontal ones for simple postcards, but it might look cool to have a long horozontal postcard with 3 or 4 images side by side. Thoughts dear readers? Input? Ideas?

Here's a report (and another) on the hurricane's aftermath in the Yucatan and it's continuation in Mexico.


ana said...

damn those necklaces are HOT! is that a little scorpion i spy?

what about a two-sided card, with just one image on each...that will leave everyone wanting more, which is always a good thing.

scrappy girl said...

Assymmetry never looked so good. Not since my hair cut in 1984.