Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A treat grows in Brooklyn and 38th Street

38th Street was so good to me yesterday. None of this was planned but I say, ladies and gentlemen, this was a tour fit for tourist and local alike.

1. 38th St. and Park: A light late lunch at the Cafe at the Scandinavia House. Gravlox with cilantro and avocado for 8.50? Thank you Giant Magnet, for leading us here! Have only heard of it's charms, and was on a walk from 1st avenue to my destination, Broadway for some chain shopping. Suddenly there it was. I loved the spare Ikea meets Merimekko-ness of it all and the colors of the chairs: acid green, cobalt blue, strawberry red.

2. 38th and 5th: Jim: "I need a treat". Deb: "After I drag you around the district we'll find some..." Suddenly a lovely truck emblazoned with the word "TREATS" shows itself to us. TREATS!
The amazingly nice woman at the counter smiled and offered us samples: fudge brownie with pecans and chocolate chunks or one with raspberry preserves. The Mexican chocolate brownie looked intriguing and she cut us a sample of that too, all warm and cinnamony. Pecan with chocolate chunks won. We got to choose where we preferred it to be cut from, more edge or more center. I opted for center. I don't need edge. It was hands down the best brownie I've ever had: warm, fresh, rich, gooey and we leaned against a building and ate every crumb. Are we still in NY? Yes we are. Please check out the Treats Truck site because this Red Hook based Treats truck has a roving schedule. The truck is named "Sugar" and runs on environmentally friendly Compressed Natural Gas. Each month she gives 10% of her sales to a different charity. (This month she's giving to Madre, an international women's human rights organization.)
Humbling, exciting and inspiring are words that come to mind.

3. I forgot what happened after that. Oh yes...chain shopping.

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Elaine said...

I totally wanted to ask you to go to lunch with me next week at Scandinavia House!! Boo, you went already. I haven't been yet, but previewed the menu a few weeks ago with all that good salmon and gravlax and great design, and I thought, well that would be fun.