Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Drunk by Noon

Congratulations to Jennifer L. Knox (or Jennifer El Knox) on her second book, Drunk by Noon!
I've been a fan of her poetry forever, going so far as to talking her into hanging out with me, getting her drunk and convincing her we've been friend's for a long time.

This is great great readable relatable poignant poetry, but I think the comparison to Richard Pryor is a bit off. I mean, clearly she's funny. She's very very funny (as in side-splittingly so) but she's more Sex Pistols than Richard Pryor. How about Lenny Bruce? Yeah. I'd say more Lenny Bruce.

Also congrats to Shanna Compton and her new press Bloof Books. I love like crazy the logo and her D.I.Y. publishing blog.

See both Knox and Compton at real live readings this coming Friday at 8pm at the Lucky Cat in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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