Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Part Une: Good news and Busy-ness

I've been back since Saturday and already have TWO deadlines, both due by Friday. How many deadlines can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck deadlines?

No matter these are great deadlines.
The first:I got an account with the very cool BEAMS department store in Japan. Beams (check out their blog!) is was one of my dream shops to be in so I'm very happy about it. I have until tomorrow to fed ex my samples, my bio/media kit/and inspiration for the Spring 2008 collection. They also need a photo of me, the designer. That's the hard part--all of my pictures are so goofy--I think it's time for a new shot I guess (photographer friends, you know who you are.). In the meantime I'm going to send them this one that Alexa took on my birthday. The goofiest but I think it sums me up as a designer pretty well. I'll probably crop out the beer.
Second great deadline:
I was asked to be part of an exhibition, "From Craft to Catwalk" opening next June at the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum. The exhibition is about the influence of traditional cultural craft influences on fashion design. More about that soon--for now I need to send them an inventory list of which pieces I'll include and an artist's statement. We decide today, send tomorrow and I possibly design a whole new piece because that's how I roll--on a rocky uphill path.
There's an exhibition of the work of Eva Zeisel on there now which makes me wish I could go to LA. She's one of my favorite designers.