Sunday, December 2, 2007

And Now...A Note from your Cupcake Holder Sponsor (or National Cupcake Holder Day):

Am having a little Bonbon Holiday Shindig at the Studio today so of course have been having big Martha Stewarty spangly decorative thoughts.
And while I'm not doing any baking, (my friend Ana who is soon to open her own tea & bake shop is creating some incredible sounding treats) I'm just really drawn to cupcake holders, particularly these cupcake holders. They might be too beautiful for getting at the deliciousness inside, but what else can we do with these things?

I also like these. So pretty...I actually did see these in an issue of MS Living at some point and immediately went on the "googles" to find them. These are the kinds of random spurts of estrogen-driven weirdness that make my husband's head hurt.


mr. bonon said...

I thought those cupcake holders were helmets for the cats.

lazysundae said...

a food blog you might enjoy? the photos are luscious.