Friday, October 3, 2008

Three Pink & Green & Lavender for Spring + Three Beautiful Designers

Carolina from Mi Purocorazon. Incredibly detailed bags celebrating Peruvian traditional handwork. Loving the little mesh mask and medallions on the last one. Carolina is from Colombia but lives in Lima, Peru.

Silvia from Warmi Knits. (I love the little hand and ankle cuffs--you can be like a little lambchop. But I especially love those loosely knit leggings with the pink border). Silvia is also from Colombia but lives in Paris now.

Claudia from Hageli. (she is my neighbor!) This season she designed her own print. I love it. Claudia is from Switzerland and lives in Paris now.

Three of my favorite designers from the show (and the sweetest kindest girls I know).


ana dane said...

damn, looks like so much fun stuff there to discover. wish i was there.

littlebyRD said...

Wonderful! I love those legging too - they look fabulous.

heidi said...

Claudia's print is gorgeous!! Please tell her I said so. :-)

High Desert Diva said...

The bags! The leggings!

Do you come home with any money?

I see a trend with your friends. They are originally from "fill in blank", but now live in Paris. This might be a good trend to follow....

amy said...

how great to be there, basking in the wonderful creation of so many artists!

Julia said...

You've captured so many lovely shots :) It sounds like you are having an incredible time!

Thank you so much for letting us visit Paris while you're there!

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