Wednesday, July 8, 2009

surprises, close calls and sweet pals

photos by erin

I love surprises. I get to be in on a lot of them but I don't always know the recipients. James ordered this necklace over a month ago for Erin and I had to keep it a secret. Not that I'm terrible at secrets but she's such a sweetheart of a blog pal and you know, we visit each other a lot. Keeping that secret was challenging let's just say, and every time she left me a comment I'd think, you are so about to have the necklace you wanted... I thought he'd give it to her for her birthday which was last week. And when she wrote about her wonderful birthday celebration, I left her a comment that said something like:
"nice! and did you get anything really special for your birthday?"

She wrote me back, "yes, thanks. I did receive some really nice things..."

I thought, "hmmmm...maybe she didn't realize that necklace was from bonbon?" or maybe she thought, "wow deb, that's a pretty shallow thing to ask." And then I felt weird.

The next day James wrote to me and I imagined him to be laughing while he wrote he was going to give it to her for their ANNIVERSARY, a few days later on the 4th...doh. Luckily I didn't TOTALLY blow it and say, "hey, did you like your bonbon?" or "how does your new bonbon look?", but you's what we call in the business "a close call..."
I guess I get a little too excited to see what our work looks like out there in the world on all you pretty girls...


erin said...

oh goodness!!! i have to say i had a little inkling about the bonbon...but it was because when i mentioned trying to find a necklace to wear to dinner on my birthday, james's face exploded into an enormous grin as he proceeded to say to "oh, well, just wear earrings instead," ha! so sorry you had a moment of doubt! wearing the necklace now. obsessed. duh!

Jade said...

Too cute! There's nothing much better than getting your very own BonBon. :)

Simply Mel said...

I fell in love with that necklace when Erin proudly showcased it yesterday...truly gorgeous with it's simple beauty!

Glad I found your blog too!

cindy* said...

erin's bonbon is amazing! what a sweet guy she has :)

Clarity said...

Now there's a thougtful husband who gets his wife "exactly what she wants".

I thought your story was hilarious.. "enjoyed your presents, yes... and??"

Clementine said...

that's so sweet! thank god you didn't give it away. I would have totally muddled that up if it were me. ;)

Mrs.French said...

I can't think of a more lovely gift...I so wish Mr. French would get the hint...until then, I will have to continue to gift myself my favorite bonbons...xo t

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