Tuesday, July 14, 2009

tried and true: a guest post by mrs. french

it's me...mrs. french!  I am so happy to be posting on deb's sweet space today...

I am sure it is no secret to most of you that I am huge fan of independent artists everywhere.  In most cases I admire their work from afar, but in some cases I have been lucky enough to make some of these very special pieces my own.  I am going to share some of these with you today....I love each and everything in this post so much and stand behind behind them whole heartedly...

My very first etsy purchase was an Alicia Bock print.  The first time I saw her work I was mesmerized...I believe she may be one of my greatest inspirations in my own work.  I love everything she does.
My sweet, sweet bonbon...this pretty piece is my latest deb masterpiece.  Everything she creates is so, so personal, timeless and unique...I cannot wear this without receiving multiple compliments, somehow I feel as if everything she designs is just for me.

Eliza Gran pillowcases...hands down my favorites.  They are made from the loveliest liberty of london cotton....cool, crisp and so soft...I definitely need another set.

This pretty, little piece was my very first grown-up original art masterpiece.  I love Hadley Hutton...her work is so much prettier in person...the texture and colors are like nothing else I have ever seen.

My bluemoss lockets...this is my special occasion necklace.  I love wearing it long or like it is shown here...it is my goal to fill each and every locket with family photos...I haven't tackled this quite yet.

seesaw designs creates simply perfect letterpress creations...I believe this little card is why I have come to love letterpress so, so much.

enhabiten pillows...I own more of these than I care to mention. I have to say Liane's shop is a full on addiction.  This particular pillow is my favorite.

jill bent's bags and pillows define "classic."  I have this pretty bag and have my eyes on some of her pretty pillows as well (I have a thing for pillows)...jill's work is elegant and beautiful just as I imagine her to be.

My "little drop" from lauren haupt is my go-to necklace.  It goes perfectly with everything and looks lovely layered with other necklaces.

My "inspiration apples" from lapomme are always a perfect reminder of the truly important things.

I can't stand fussing with my hair...my hende headbands make me look put together even when I am far from it.

simplesong's camera letterpress cards just make me happy....hands down my favorite letterpress creation out there.

and last but not least my acts of kindness ring.  This pretty ring is the one independent item I have with me all the time.  I can't take it off...I love it that much....a stunning reminder...

I  hope you all take the time to visit each of these artists for yourself...I am pretty sure you know most of them already.  Take it from me, each and everything they touch is as wonderful as it looks.  

xo mrs. french


cindy : quaint said...

all of your things are just wonderful!

erin said...

undeniably lovely, all of it! and yes, i agree, my bonbon feels like it was designed just for me!

pve design said...

that mrs. french sure knows how to make monday last... with sweet trinkets that make my heart beat two steps faster. those pillow cases are sweet.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

what a sweet post lady french! thank you so much for sharing all of these...all so beautful and hand-touched...so good to have wonderful people like you to support us... i think to fall in love with a small designer's work is like making a dear friend and/or caring for a baby squirrel...

(p.s. don't forget that mrs. f is an incredible photographer herself...i am hoping she'll want to do a trade with me someday! (hint hint...)

Jutta said...

These are all very beautiful... I love Alicia Bock's work as well, but my first ever etsy purchase was hazel by mrs. french :)

Simply Mel said...

Everyday I am spellbound by the beauty so many people add to this world! Thank you for sharing these perfect finds....you so rock Mrs. French!

And don't forget how INCREDIBLY talented you are!!!!

Vana said...

we have similar taste lady..
pretty and sweet post:)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh my....Traci, I didn't think it was possible to adore you more....but, this did it! All of these scrumptious, perfect things...I can imagine all of these gorgeous things surrounding gorgeous YOU! (and of course I am beyond flattered and honored that my ring is amongst all of these beautiful creations) You are the best my dear and I know Deb must have loved this!

Kelly C. said...

pure lovelyness, dear. just like you!
i want everything on this list & have been pining away for a Hadley Hutton for quite some time now. perhaps it's time for me to give into temptation!

wool and misc said...

you sound absolutely smashing and dashing!

blue moss said...

so many things to love...
and i'm so glad that you love your locket garden necklace

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