Tuesday, February 16, 2010

¡Buen viaje, mamacita!

Dearest blog babies, it's P. here, taking a little break from What Possessed Me to help kick off Deb's trip to Mexico. Very happy to be here, as always.

When Deb told me she was heading to Oaxaca, I threw my sombrero up in the air and exclaimed, "¡AY YAI YAI YAI! ¡ARRIBA!" while knocking back a shot of mezcal. Of course, I did this with my inside voice because not everyone understands what Oaxaca does to a girl. I didn't know either - not until I took a little road trip through Mexico last year and got my socks knocked off good and proper.

Deb, you have such delights in store for you.

Like Mexican beauties who look like Frida Kahlo. Don't you wish you dressed like this every day?

And streets lined with flowers.

Let's not forget the plethora of culinary treats. Crickets are quite tasty when you're not quite sure what you're eating.

Beware: Sometimes the mezcal can go to your head. Which is totally fine, because Oaxaca is the kind of place where you can snooze in someone's doorway with impunity.

And if you're very, very lucky, a woman selling nuts will show you how she does her hair, pulling out a single pin so that her braids tumble down her back.

Did I mention the music? And the lively atmosphere? Such a charming, vibrant city.

Just the place for a much needed midwinter break. Have a wonderful time, Deb - the first cerveza is on us!



Anonymous said...

I want to go to Mexico too
in fact I want to go anywhere just about now!

Yes, Deb you had better come to visit Buster when you get back.......
or else he will be an old age pensioner efore you see him

cindy* said...

gorgeous photos! just another place to add to my list of places to see :)

Bonbon Oiseau said...

you rule p---i love this...gracias mi amour!