Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Be My Valentine Live

I love Valentines Day. I love it because it's a good day to remember to love. Love your family, your good friends, your animals. Know why you feel the love. I don't think it has to be particulary for "lovers" but just for feeling love. For appreciating someone else. That and the color combo of red and pink is mind-boggingly beautiful to me. Vanessa sometimes has to put a stop to my over use of it.

I'm also working on a collaborative Pop-Up event with Breck from Sesame Letterpess and Denise from Denise Fasanello flowers for little Valentines Pop-Up at the Brooklyn Flea this Saturday, February 12th. We'll have a special edited table of Love-ly items just for the occasion and a gift box special: a set of special-edition Bonbon Love earrings, a Sesame Letterpress card and little bag of Papabubble Valentine candies for $45. Half the profits from the box will go to the American Heart Association.
Ain't love grand?


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cindy* said...

pink + red forever! what a sweet little valentine's selection :)