Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day whether Hallmark created it or not is one of my favorite holidays. No pressure or anything, but I think you can really express yourself and your love in many beautiful ways on a day dedicated to vitamins L,O,V and E.
It's a good day to think about the nature of love, to give yourself a little love, to send a little compassion out into the world, to give someone special something special, to get drunk with your friends and wish for things.
For the next fourteen days, let's try to focus on ways to send a little love every which way but loose. I'm focused on a lot of things these days, namely getting ready for these tradeshows, leaving for Paris, getting my linesheets and lookbook done, adding the finishing touches to my new collection, calling stores, and the orders that are starting to come in for Valentine's Day, amongst other things like feeding my cats, calling my parents, watching the finale of Top Chef. But isn't it more fun to think about Valentine's Day ideas? Let's do that for the next 14 days starting today:

Just Make Something

I am romantic.
Every year I make my husband a Valentine. He keeps them all which is romantic of him.
I made this one for him when we were in India. It's a love garden.
The back. My biologically incorrect rendering of a human heart in a valentine-shaped horned she-heart.

The middle.

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