Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Still Life

I'm thinking about how to shoot my Fall 2007 pictures. I'm way behind schedule on that adventure. This newest of the new collections ( I just got back from the metal studio and working on it) is based on my childhood ideas of Bonnie and Clyde. These are pieces I'd like to see a modern day Bonnie Parker wear for when she's on the lamb but more on that later. I have some big ideas for the shoot which I won't be able to make happen--this involves an old rusted out jalopy, wolves and suitcases full of money in a snowy forest. Then I have my back-up small ideas, set-ups involving old coins on a wooden table, an old style leather satchel, bonbons hanging over the side-soft lens-rosy feel.
In the meantime, This January tableau on my mantel set my color palette for this wintry collection. I think the white cottony looking stuff --I can't stop looking at it-it's full of small seeds and it keeps falling apart and clinging to the cats---is actually what happens to Rose of Sharon in the winter, when it's confused and thinks it's Spring and then realizes, "No, it's winter for real".
And, non-sequiter, this is a close-up of the picture on the proper left. That's my mom and my uncle when they were little kids, somewhere in Germany.
And my father in the army. I swiped this one last time I visited them, so I haven't framed it yet!

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