Friday, January 26, 2007

Good day for a Blog

I normally tell friends and business acquaintances I am a very busy person, and would never have time to maintain a blog, but today seemed like a good day to start one. Most of my favorite people and designers and many people I've never met seem to have blogs these days, so why not? They must be busy people too. Let's at least try, ok?
The title comes from an email I got yesterday from my good friend Jen. Our old mutual friend Dr. Larry signed off an email that way to her: "I love you and your destiny is stone golden." He's not around anymore as in the "not alive" sense, but he was an innovative thinker, an admirer of "the arts" and "the nature" was an all around life-liver. Those are traits I can really get behind. Jen wrote, "You should sign off all your Bonbon emails like that"
She's so right.
This blog is for Dr. Larry and all the lovely people and things I know and don't know, who will inspire me at some point to make this blog about something.

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le lapin noir said...

I love new beginnings.