Saturday, March 31, 2007

Inspiration at the Restaurant Depot

get a load of these clams!
Blue Point oysters-this entire box for $59! OISHI!
Getting hot-dogs for the infamous Snacky Kim-Chee hotdog!
This cart is actually not filled to it's potential-it was a small shopping trip.
Sandy Tyler-Moore.

I love going to the restaurant depot with my friend Sandy of Snacky like dogs love sticking their heads out car windows. You need to own a restaurant to buy anything (or go with someone who does) but the warehouse full of giant sized food stuffs makes me happy. It's so beautiful and industrial and tragic and wonderfully abundant with all kinds of food.
I usually get Royal Oak Charcoal* for Jim's smoker, cases of water and then walk up and down the bakery supply aisles for packaging inspiration and the giant canned food aisle for ummm...the spectacle.
*Burns H-O-T baby!

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