Thursday, March 29, 2007


Mercure Ivoire necklace

La Fôret Noire necklace

Le Refuge necklace

Getaway bracelet

Earrings for a Stick-Up

La Vie en Rose necklace

WWD saw some of my Fall line in NY and asked for some pieces from the Fall 2007 "Rêve des Bonnie & Clyde Collection". It's for a shoot for their A section-comes out 5 times a year. Awesomay. I hope it runs. In honor of the possible pick-up here are some pics. The collection is pretty East Texas wintry, inspired by Bonnie Parker and the pieces she might have worn, delicate with a hard edge. I kept fire marks on the silver, black and white and lipstick red, ultramarine blue, honey yellow glass. The glass is from my Fall trip trip to Paris: Victorian crystal and etched or cast glass from 1890-1930. They chose some of the pieces with the inky blue wedgewood cabs I love so. I wish I could find more of these--I've already bought out the lot. I love the serene hawk and moose motif.

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