Monday, March 26, 2007

Ladette to Lady

The discovery of the British reality show Ladette to Lady on the Sundance Channel was akin to my discovery of Nutella. Sinfully deliciously evil. (Did you see that Nutella site? It's killing me!)
Take a bunch of wild, hard drinking, hard-living chicks from one side of the tracks and put them in finishing school on the other side of the tracks to wear the life outta them and teach them good old manners. That's the goal!
It's My Fair Lady for the oughts.
The super stuffy headmistresses of Eggleston Hall are really hard on the girls! They present the ladettes with challenges that range from modern domestic responsibility: woodcock plucking, trifle cooking and the ever character building flower arranging. Then, they present them with the social challenges of mixing with well-chosen, duck-hunting, high-brow (skirt-chasing) "gentlemen". Expecting the girls NOT to suck the punchbowl dry after a mixer with the well-bred, drunk-also young gents (who seem ready to lead the ladettes to pasture and pull their knickers down while the cameras still roll) is the juiciest part of course. The old uppercrust lady teachers then turn to the young uppercrust man-boys to tell them their opinions on the girls. "Don't get rid of the fit one mum!"
Each week they get rid of the girl who seems to not have her heart in it. At the end they get to go to the Debutante Ball. I can't say that taking a bunch of fun-loving working class lassies, often drunk, often flashing their tatas, often fighting their ways backwards out the pub and putting them through a 1950's era upper crust finishing school isn't both classist and sexist. I can. I can say that. Classist, sexist and spectacle-licious! Like a severed head in the road! I can't turn away!

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