Friday, June 29, 2007


Bonbon is in ZooZoom today, the beautiful on-line "glossy" as part of their daily pick! The piece is written by Elaine Perlov whose taste is impeccable. She chose one of my favorites, the "La Vie en Rose"Necklace from the new RĂªve des Bonnie & Clyde collection.

I'm so psyched I can hardly stand it. It's true, what she wrote about those glass pieces--I was invited into the atelier of the grandson of the glassmaker who supplied Chanel and the costume designers for the Folies Bergere in the 20's! His great-granddaughter actually found me and visited me in Paris--she was very sweet when she said, " I think you are using some of the same glass pieces of my grandfather!" The next day I visited their place and they showed me old pictures and also a small selection of some really beautiful glass pieces they had left in reds, whites, and amethysts. We sidestepped around me actually purchasing them until I finally in probably a very American way said, "I'd like to buy as much as I can if it's possible--but they sold me only a little saying if I needed more I could try them again when I return.
The rest is Oiseau history I guess. To see the piece for yourself go to Bonbon Oiseau.

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