Sunday, February 24, 2008

Out of the Frying Pan



The past few weeks have been a blur getting ready to present Fall/Winter 2008-09 in Paris at Le Showroom. Am a bit exhausted, nervous but also excited to see old friends and to see the bag I designed on the streets during fashion week. Arriving a day early to do my sourcing and maybe do a little shopping and visit Ladurée, something I never get to do anymore since I'm at the show all day!

Plane leaves at 9:30 pm and I find myself oddly prepared, although I always think
I've forgotten something. Good thing I made this checklist last year.
Today I only have to finish deciding which clothes to take and how I can avoid an overweight baggage fee. And book a room in Barcelona, our little holiday stop after the show is over next week.

So, am out of the the studio and the country until the 9th of March. A few pics from the last few weeks.

Charms after plating process.

Icky helping Vanessa get orders out.


Anonymous said...

the charms look beautiful- can't wait to see them in person.

have a fabulous trip.


The Royal Me said...

i love paris in the spring time...
i love paris la lala laaa lalaaaaaaaaa

i love bonbon!

GOOD LUCK lil'debbie!



Elaine said...

Good good luck. Sell well! Yay, the Brooklyn-France connection.