Friday, February 1, 2008


Sunday is our photoshoot. We're doing it here at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. We went out there a few weeks ago to scout it out--we always seem to visit there during the first week of January when there are only ducks and geese and a few cardinals. This day we saw a flock of Snow Geese which were really lovely.
I think the backdrop will be beautiful for the new Fall 2008 Collection. The collection is sort of a Walt Whitman tribute--it has a very American Naturalist from the Bay to the Woods to the Prairie. More next week. Now, I've got to dive into the day's long to-do list.


The Royal Me said...

You need the recent album of Vampire Weekend. It goes with these photoez.

quazar fancypants said...

Beautiful winter tableau.. And in NYC! Good luck with the shoot, bonbon..