Monday, February 25, 2008

Views from Paris

The pretty courtyard of my friend coco's place.

Took a little walk this afternoon on the Boulevard St. Germaine
near where I'm staying. It's a little gray and misty but warm--about 50 degrees F.

A few side street views and some window shopping.

With a few stops for actual shopping since it's pretty much the last chance I get before the show to indulge. Went into Diptyque, above, a narrow and charmingly beautiful shop, in lime green and dark woods with chocolate and pink flowered wallpaper on one wall and just the glass bottles picking up light along the windows. Favorites are the room atomizers and since I just ran out of mine I had to pick up a new one: Baies, Mimosa, Muguet, Tilleul.

And chocolates. It's almost Easter as you can see and the displays are eye-popping. Chocolate shops are multiplying throughout the city. I picked up my mother's favorites, marzipan shaped like fruits but Corinne and I ate the whole bag. Oops. Will have to go back I guess and lock them away!

Spring springing at the Musée de Cluny, an incredible medieval rectory built on the site of ancient Gallo-Roman thermal baths. I had never been inside the gardens, although I've passed

Bonjour! I had a chance to do alittle walking today and snapped away. Paris in the Springtime. Sing it with me! I'm glad it comes in February nowadays. Tomorrow I look for fresh cut flowers and set up for the show.


Elaine said...

wow spring already sprung in paris. so pretty!! are you back yet? wanna come over for coffee on tuesday?

M&Co said...

Beautiful! Paris is a deight in spring!

AC said...

hope you are having a great time in paris (if you're still there). i miss reading your posts!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

hey Thanks AC---am back!