Thursday, July 10, 2008

excellent for a thursday

My excellent friend Namiko made this picture for me. Her dad, also my friend (who has some nice pictures on his incredible blog of our last cookout) said she kept telling him to keep the glue coming. When she took it out of her bright blue backpack, she art directed where it should go: Not, she said, there, in the living room, but here, in the bedroom-where we could look at it when we wake up and go to sleep.

It's one of my favorite presents.


Project Ecoart said...

That's a cool picture!

Mrs.French said...

Lucky girl! I would love to wake up to happy pompoms from such a sweet artist!

cindy* said...

love it!

i work at a preschool and when the kids make me something i always display it in my house. i love kid art.

corine said...

Hello there. Thank you for saying hello on my blog. What lovely pictures you have here!

My Madeleines always stick to the pan. I'll try your recipe.

mayaluna said...

You are a wonderful "big" friend. Love that you not only displayed her posted about it. Those pom poms do look quite happy!

Aran said...

I absolutely love that!

The Royal Me said...

doody! she's a better artist than all those kids in the biennial!! hahahaaaaaa! Love it!!



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