Sunday, July 13, 2008


click and these get biggerI always made each journal its own cover

and cover pages with return address in case it got lost.

my first trip on my own, I arrived in Paris and went all around the South
finally landing in Corsica across to Rome and Florence and up, of course, to Amsterdam.

rubber stamps made from gum-erasers.

sometimes i took notes in cartoon form

quotes & drawings & cartoons & collages.
I still love old calendars and date-stamps

the end page, the most anticipated.

Last week I felt nostalgic. I think I wanted to see where I had been. I took down all of my old journals, the ones I had kept throughout school, the one that I had brought on my first trip to Europe and the ones I had with me in India.

It was a little embarrassing looking through them; the lovesick ramblings and the morose passages of a young & earnest art-girl, but it was also nice to spend a little time with all the drawings and cartoons, the quotes I thought were worthy of writing down and notes that would inspire larger works, the collages with the little odd bits I used to collect: sugar-cube wrappers, old calendar pages, matchbook arguing and then making peace with an old friend.


Project Ecoart said...

A great journey that I have been on before. Mind boggling too.
P.s. I fixed the link. Let me know when she is here in Aug. If you make the trip, let's get together.

mary said...

Are YOU kidding me?! This is absolutely fantastic. Wow!

Robin said...

I was never succesful at keeping a journal, but I do occsionally pull out old college papers and am always astounded by my old work, I sounded so much smarter then!

lazysundae said...

Those are amazing! I've kept my journals from college but my grammar and high school journals are still on their way to me. I can't wait to read and cringe :)

heidi said...

I have a trunkful of journals from the time I was 16, until 35. Reading them makes me evaporate. You are a very brave person!

Mrs.French said...

What a treasure you have here...the sweetest journal I have ever seen. I adore the words you use to express your journey back....

Aran said...

wow... that is true art!!! keep that in a vault!

Tartelette said...

Truly amazing...I love the glimpses we got, beautiful in art and honesty, like you!