Wednesday, June 6, 2007

June Brides

I love my Brides. I just finished a bridesmaid project: 4 matching charm bracelets with little lockets. The bride wanted me to write a little disk with the number 4 on it to slip into the lockets. I love designing bridesmaid gifts and I'm always pretty moved when brides want to create something beautiful and meaningful to give to their very favorite people.It's a particularly special bride that wants bonbons and not something mass produced or commercial, so we can really work together to find what's going to be really special and will come from their hearts. I always enjoy the consultation and getting to know the ladies during such an exciting and hopeful time in their lives. I guess in the end what I really enjoy is being part of the wedding planning process and ultimately creating these objects that convey love from the giver to the recipient. It's exciting, ok?

I'll upload a bunch of new pics to my Bridal Section on my site this week.

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carissa said...

I am said bride, and I can't say enough about the process- meeting and designing with Deb was by far one of my favorite parts of this process, and I can't wait to give my gals their gifts. They look even better on the wrist, Deb spaces them out perfectly.

Deb- you were quick! I want to move the wedding up closer now, just to give these gifts! See you soon!