Monday, June 18, 2007

Too busy with lists

Mercure Ivoire necklace, Fall 2007, the piece that was advertised
Le Refuge Necklace, Fall 2007
Les Coeurs stick-pin, two views(above and below) handmade from silver recycled from my studio!

FĂ´ret Noire Necklace, Fall 2007
Bonnie and Clyde Earrings, Fall 2o07 (idea for a postcard)

I've been blog-negligent this past week. So much has been going on: I decided to take out an advertisement in ReadyMade Magazine's new section, ReadyMade Digest. Turned out to be a good idea but right before the advert came out, my website decided to have some technical difficulties. Long story short, I was on the phone every day last week trying to figure out out my website problems and work on a million other things at the same time. PLUS, the orders kept coming even though the proper pieces advertised (I should have had all of the FALL collection up last week. So I'm a little behind in uploading land. Boohoo, huh. I'll do it this week late into the night I'm sure.

Last week, I made a countdown for all the things I need to get done by July 12th, my self-imposed deadline. It 's week by week and sometimes minute by minute.
1. Finish designing and working on the Spring Collections.
2. Finish my new press-kit, print, and send out.
3. Send out my new Limited Edition Summer Linesheets and send to my shop mailing list plus all the new stores Vanessa has been cold-calling.
4. Organize the logistical nightmare that is the Photo shoot for Spring/ Summer '08.
5. Design Look Book for Spring '08

I'll finish the linesheets (since I might make some late additions in August/September).

Why am I rocking it out so fast and furious? I'm having surgery and will be laid up for 4-6 weeks.
(Please send ideas for things I can do (not work-related please) while I'm not allowed to do anything for the first 2 full weeks)


lazysundae said...

watch a lot of foreign movies? my favorites are in the mood for love, the scent of green papaya, the three colors trilogy, the double life of veronique, last life in the universe, lilya 4-ever, the vengeance trilogy by chan wook park, ping pong, kikujiro, all about my mother...

good luck with your surgery!

Bonbon said...

Thanks! Great choices...will put them in my netflix queue.