Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sky Meadow Farm

There are naturally magical places and there are naturally majestic places. The majestic places are striking, intense, incredible great big landscapes, like the Himalayas, or the Pacific Northwest. But the natural magical places are intimate, sometimes other-worldly and transforming. They don't necessarily take your breath away but let you breathe a little easier. This past weekend we went to magical place: Skymeadow Farm in Benton, PA. Just looking for a little weekend away, we searched Thursday and left Friday for a place where we could relax and maybe spend a day or two doing a little hiking and relaxing in a quiet pretty place. We found Rickett's Glen State Park on a Pennsylvania Parks website (the description sounded good and we got lucky).
It really was a beautiful (magical) place with deep wooded mossy trails, with waterfall after waterfall and perfectly clear little swimming holes. The cottage we rented at Skymeadow Farm was perfect (magical) as well. There were wild turkeys, 2 mules and hens and ducks and an amazing organic farm--our host invited us to use whatever fresh eggs and vegetables, herbs and fruits that were ready--the strawberries were incredible and made me ask myself, "why didn;t you plant strawberries.
I was pretty inspired to pack it all in and take to the country .

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