Monday, April 7, 2008

Barcelona, March 5th and 6th

Barcelona. Day 1 and 2. These are my pictures of food and buildings. I am inspired by each equally. Since this was our second stint in Barcelona, we just relaxed, walked around and ate about 4 times a day.
Lunch in the Born District (below). I love the way these sardines came to us,
romantically entangled on a stark white plate,
salty charred and fresh

The Born District. I liked this little back-courtyard filled with color.

The Boqueria.
We sat down at one of the food stands in the back. It was our first stop off the plane.
We drank cava and ate this fabulous Catalan style sausage with white beans called "botifarra amb mongetes".
It has the faintest hint of cinnamon in the mix.

When we got into town, we learned that Barcelona was about to play Edinburgh
the next day. Our hotel and the streets were teeming with Scots of all ages in green and white team shirts, chanting team spirit chants and drinking Estrella Dam and Moritz Beer, which we were happy to imbibe as well.

Casa Battlo, a beautiful Gaudi example in the Eixample.

Bocadillas with Serrano, Breakfast, at Edelman's Bar in the Barri Gotic.

Barcelonans must really love chocolate. There were some interesting displays
in a lot of chocolate shop windows. I especially liked the green chocolate
flip-flops with licorice straps, above.

Beautiful Brunelles Chocolate bars, one of the oldest pastisserias in Barcelona.

We took a long walk from where we were staying to La Sagrada di Familia.
Jim shot the top photo which is just beautiful I think.

Lovely little overpriced candy-covered almonds at la Boqueria.
I love the hot-pink ones, just in time for Easter.

The Catalunya Owl Building.

I purchased two things for myself while in Spain: A beautiful putty gray wallet in soft leather,
lined with pretty fabric in teal, pink and green and a pair of shoes from Vialis, a shoe store in the Born District.
It was so hard to choose because I fell in love with too many of them.
Poor Jim patiently checked his emails and walked back in a few times to inquire as to my ETD.
I settled upon a lovely pair of thin-wedge open-toe sandles with an ankle strap in a heavenly shade of teal blue, the same color of the Mediterranean in Spring.
Hard to see, but that's the pair on the second shelf down on the far right (in black).

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looks delicious! spain is one of my future food destinations.