Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Getting it Down and Up

Last week, I cleaned up the leaves and raked up the dirt in our flowerpots, window boxes and our 3' x 3' plot of dirt with a little trowel. We picked up these seeds to go into some of our windowboxes and also got gifted with some nice Italian basil.
This year, I think it's pretty flowers and herbs - I have rosemary, mint and chives from years past and maybe I'll plant bay, lavender, marjoram, thyme and what else? A little salad bed with some parlseys and of course a some peppers for salsa and grilling and tomatoes. Always tomatoes.

Psyched that the mint I lifted from a wild patch in Pennsylvania last Spring, below, is bursting up, full and heady already.


Anonymous said...

my italian basil just sprouted today...get those seeds in the ground, lady.

lazysundae said...

pretty! when we moved into our new place, our basil plant died from lack of sun. i refuse to get an aerogarden, which my bf has been encouraging me to do. yuck!