Monday, April 7, 2008

A Flea Grows in Brooklyn (bet you wish you thought of that one)

Thank you to all who turned out to see us at yesterday's opening Day of the Brooklyn Flea! It was an unbelievable event with a turnout to beat the band. Thanks also to the amazing Team Bonbon who literally held down the fort all day long, Ana Dane and Vanessa Kinzer. We had a lot of fun and worked hard, despite a cold wind kicking our butts most of the day.

Eric Demby and Jonathan Butler (read an interview with Jonathan here) really did it right with a well-organized production with a lot of heart. The Flea had visitors and vendors alike excited about this new community venture. It felt really young and fresh and new---nothing like any other market I've done. It was great to see old friends, designers and vendors I know, my wonderful and loyal customers and to have met so many new people as well. Our tent was overflowing with people all day long.

For me, and maybe I've been too addicted to HBO's John Adams, Brooklyn Flea was a fantastic Brooklyn experience. It filled me with civic pride, right up there with marching in the Mermaid Parade or going to the Matsuri Festival at the BBG--it made me feel proud to live and work in Brooklyn and so lucky to have a new outlet like this in the community. It was an honor to work and connect with the public as well as fellow small businesses and excellent designers, artists and artisans---it can do nothing less than help all of our NYC-based businesses to grow and hopefully prosper, introducing a whole new generation to a new concept in flea markets. (Not to mention a boon for local businesses nearby!)

Wish we could do it every week but we'll see you there again on the last Sunday in April (April 27th) and the first Sunday in May (May 4th).Found this via Gowanus Lounge from Ork
Not available at the Flea. Yet.

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