Monday, April 28, 2008

Kentucky Derby a' Comin'

Derby Necklace

The Kentucky Derby is next Saturday, May 3rd and I have a few lucky necklaces to bring in a winner.
As superstitious gamblers have their lucky charms, I'll be wearing my Derby Necklace and putting my money on Cool Coal Man, one of Nick Zito's horses. I'm a fan of Nick Zito. And now I'm also a fan of his jockey, Julien Leparoux who is French and cute and has never been a contender. I am ever hopeful for a good underdog story.

I have a penchant for kitschy racehorse imagery. Maybe it's because my father had a bit of the gambler in him--he liked the track and betting on the horses. He'd go to Belmont sometimes and once in a blue moon into an OTB. I was too little to go at that point, but he would always bet on the numbers of my birthday, 4/4 and a few times he won doing that. When that happened, he considered me his lucky charm which, since he was never unhealthy about gambling, I thought was cute.
He didn't read the stats, just liked numbers and names--and in that pure aesthetic spirit, I am his daughter.

(Not as scientific as Trish, Heather and Ada's techniques--girls? Horses please?)

Finding these black and gold glass pendants along with the jockey cap and crop was lucky (in a pure aesthetic spirit kind of way) for this Spring's Derby Necklace (above & below). The former is from the 1953 Belmont Stakes and I'm not sure what they were used for. The three little running racehorse charms are set on the chain to look like their coming around the track and represent each of the triple crown winners. There are some delicate little antique African seed beads near the collarbone (see pic above), for a pretty little detail. I figured it was a good necklace to kick off the triple crown season and I've been surprised how many like-minded ladies feel the same way. I'm almost sold out.
Other lucky pieces that have become Bonbon Gambler's Classics:
triple crown necklace with an antique glass ring
in a beautiful shade of pomegranate.

Triple Crown Fob Set and
Lucky Gambler Key Fob Set
(set with your lucky number instead if you want)

Good luck out there this weekend!!!


lazysundae said...

i love my triple crown key fob - i have to force myself not to wear it every day! favorite racehorse name: drunken disorderly.

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