Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pals, (Costa Brav con'd)

On the road to Pals.

A thing for house numbers and shrines.

We had to go to a place called "Pals", a perfect medieval village a bit inland onth eway to Girona. It was 95% deserted for winter, except for a little cafe where we got in from the wind and had a little sour wine for lunch. We had a lot of fun walking around all the deserted towns of the Costa Brava. In some towns, we'd get lost and there would be no one to help us get out. But we got out.

I haven't mentioned that we took a course along the coast during the time of year when the Tramontana winds kick the hell of the coast. The skies were sunny, but man it was windy. Proof to follow.

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