Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Little Time for Moss

Starting today, I am offically busy busy busy (!) in preparation and hence countdown for my trade-fair and am putting finishing touches to round out the Fall '08 Collection. The next 6 weeks I will have only about enough extra time leftover to keep myself nourished, the shopping done and the house surfaces wiped down lest we gather germs. I sleep and wake up only for this. Time is short for all the things that need to happen in preparation for a tradeshow in Paris, leaving Feb 24th: metalworking, gathering materials to add pieces to the line, photo shoots and hours of choosing and Photoshopping pictures, writing press releases, designing announcements, line sheets and media kits, e-mailing and sending out announcements, designing a new display while keeping the other parts of the business flowing such as filling web and shop orders. I try to keep in touch with friends and family to let them know I'm alive.

I fantasize that we're trekking high up in the Himalayas for a few months, taking a smithing workshop in Mexico or even just planting my seedlings for Spring and that someone else will do the business end for a while so I can reinvigorate every part of Bonbon with some fresh ideas, packaging, display, everything.

Enter Moss Acres lifted off one of my favorite blogs, Life in Sugar Holler. If I could do one thing for myself right now to distract from all the work ahead, I'd just make that terrarium. It just seems like some kind of metaphor for my fantasies at the moment--a little microcosm of where I'd like to be while I'm here working my tail off.
(Picture of Moss Acres from their website via Life in Sugar Holler!)

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Tracey said...

Make the terrarium, girl!

And send me photos, if you do . . . would love to see what your artistic-eye creates with moss and ferns and such.