Thursday, January 24, 2008

Glossies I

At one point we subscribed to so many magazines, they'd just pile up. Sad piles-no joy in receiving them because there was no time to read them all! So eventually, no more subscriptions. If there's something I really want to read, I just buy it.

But now I'm happily making room for one and I just received my first issue today. Joie, one of my oldest and closest friends, gave me a subscription to my all-time favorite magazine (and one I've always wanted), Saveur. Each issue visits exotic/lovely locales, explores their culinary traditions and we're along for the ride. And the photos...they're so damn sexy! The whole magazine is inspiring. I am so excited for a year of these...thank you Joie!


Anonymous said...

You are welcome!

deb said...

We tried a roasted chicken recipe tonight from our first issue. Nicccce.

lazysundae said...

i love this magazine! i love that they give you recipes from all over the world...and tell you how to get the ingredients. not sure if you've seen this yet:
the saveur 100.