Monday, January 21, 2008

Taking to the Road

My favorite guidebooks nowadays are these city and quick country guides from Open Road. It's advice with good taste and the compact format is easy-to-read with a ton of info in a small amount of space.
I must admit in the spirit of full disclosure, it's my brother's company who've done such a fine job on these guides. But who cares when they're offering the guides for less than $10 a piece and an even bigger discount when you purchase more than one?

The real question is: where to go for holiday after Paris? Thinking of the Basque region above Barcelona in Spain or heading South to Provence to see some parts we've never been. Anyone?

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Vivilicious said...

Ah Paris.... Well you know I am all about the food so I would love to hit San Sebastian, that Basque area near Barcelona. Best tapas ever! Otherwise, driving around the middle south is also quite nice- Avignon, Arles, Nîmes, Camargue. After all, Van Gogh, Gauguin and Cézanne thought it was pretty cool too ;-). So envious, enjoy babe!