Monday, April 23, 2007

Earth Year

Frightening news about the disappearance of honey bees. What can we do? Buy organic, garden organic and man, I don't on your cell phone less maybe?
Check this out for info addressing getting your *ss in gear if it isn't already:

It was hot yesterday and we got our little patio garden "summerized". We hosed everything down and got all the planters and windowboxes ready to go. I'll slowly fill them with flowers and herbs, lettuce arugula, tomatoes and salsa peppers. Today, I bought a few light purple and white violas and some columbine for one of the boxes today at the Greenmarket in Union Square. I don't usually go on Monday, but I liked the selection of woodsy looking plants I found, the look I think I'm going for this summer. I usually go on Wednesdays in the Spring, when Trina from Silver Heights Farms (read this article on Apartment Therapy to see how cool she is) is there. She has amazing varieties of organic heirloom herbs and vegetables and she has taught me a lot about gardening. For example, 5 years ago, the first year I had my own garden, I tried growing tomatoes. She taught me not to pick off the little yellow flowers because that was the tomato flower from whence the tomato comes. That was the reason my yield was so...low. I was pretty dumb back then.
I also found a lovely blog tonight while I was looking for articles about this bee situation called Blooms and Bees. It has some great links to organic suppliers.

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Laura said...

I had all these fancy plans to start a small flower/herb garden here, but I'm so busy with school, plus I know nothing about gardening. Good luck with yours!

~ Laura