Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ode to English Designers

Egg cosy anyone? I love my eggs to be cosy.

English knitwear designer Ruth Cross makes the most wonderful things. She uses soft local lambswool and sometimes horn accents. Love the shapes of her clothing, especially the Pleat Vest above. I've always wanted a teapot cosy and now I want these egg cosies. I'd wear that vest and at my tea party for sure. Who's in for and eggs at my place?
Also check out some of the new accessories, particularly the carved horn neckpiece. Incredible. And I have the good fortune to say she's my friend.

I love these rings by English designer Alex Monroe. The blade of grass ring, below, is so delicate and pretty. It remind me of sitting on the lawn in the summertime. I'd while hours away, wrapping grass around my finger to make rings, and picking clover to make necklace chains.

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