Sunday, April 15, 2007

Kathy Malone is Numero Uno

OOOOoooo! The first response! It's from Kathy Malone--she's the amazing and sweet designer behind Fofolle and she also heads up the Brooklyn Indie Market and Collective. She's super busy organizing the May 5th kick-off of the Summer long weekend Brooklyn Indie Market on Smith Street at Union in Brooklyn. (Just in time for Mother's Day! Bonbon will be there along with 20 other amazing local designers and cool crafters! For directions or more info on how to join , here!) She took time out to get interviewed:

BBO: What were you like as a kid?
KM: Scared of my own shadow, and yours too!
BBO: What did you love to do?
KM: Catch salamanders, "build" forts, go the whole summer without
shoes, sweat, walk thru the bamboo patch, go over to my friends homes who were allowed to
have barbies! ha ha thanks for asking!
BBO: How does who you were then come into your work now?
KM: I like to work and wander (and play with barbies, I did just last week)
BBO: How do you keep the spirit of that enthusiasm working for you now?
KM: Keep it! I cant stop it! didnt you notice?
BBO: What were your top kooky projects you tried as a wee one?
KM: ah! I made shoes out of newspaper, painted them red, was
frustrated with the paint for not going over the tape, and wore them until they fell off, about
half an hour, no, we weren't poor... I made troll mansions, no barbies, pooh!
BBO: Did you love craft and art books as a kid as much as I did? Which ones?
KM: Mom had an anatomy for artists book I copied all the time, she
taught us how to use the "wrong" colors in our coloring books! she let us use sharp objects
at a very young age for etching projects and linoleum. we survived!

Visit her at Fofolle, Brooklyn Indie Market or on Smith Street at Union in Brooklyn every weekend starting May 5th!
I sound like an ad, huh?


Mista said...

Did you know that in Maine on an island called Monhegan there are fairy houses built into the base of trees with moss and sticks? Kathy would be perfect!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

I actually spent a week on Monhegan island! I love that place--lots of moss and sticks fo rizzle.