Sunday, April 15, 2007

Katie James Rocks the Interview Project

Katie Helmuth, the designer behind Katie-James accessories and her ever popular blog FashionMista, did the "Interview Project for a Rainy Day". I truly adore her jewelry pouches and the pretty misty colors she uses to make them. Katie, we need to collaborate! Bonbons for Katie James jewelry pouches and Katie James jewelry pouches for bonbons!

BBO: What were you like as a kid?
KH: I was climbing trees and watching TV, until 6th grade when I bet my dad $1000 that I wouldn't watch it for a year, and then I discovered books. So then I was reading in trees.
BBO: What did you love to do?
KH: Read, climb trees. I did go into our art supply closet from time to time, but mainly the glue was always stuck in the nozzle and I lost interest. I also loved cutting plastic placemats, hidden in the bathroom of course so that no one would know it was me.
BBO: does who you were then come into your work now?
KH: Because I didn't use the glue very much, and still don't really, I have a repressed desire to make things. So now I make glitter inspired Debt-O-Meters, glitter mats made from plastic covered lace that I found in a fabric shop, and I'm free to cut all of the fabric and plastic that I like because I live in my own house.
BBO: How do you keep the spirit of that enthusiasm working for you now?
KH: I just do. Or I put a dash of glitter on my trash picked wooden bookshelf, thinking it a good idea for a light glittery purple spread to cover a part of the shelf, revealing mysterious purple sparkles that don't get all over everything.
BBO: What were your top kooky projects you tried as a wee one?
KH: It wasn't that kooky, but it's the first one that comes to mind. Making an earring board with markers and cardboard and holes. The earrings could stick in the holes and be visible at all times. Since then, I've developed the Katie James jewelry bag with high visibility inside. Otherwise, I didn't really think I was that creative.
BBO: Did you love craft and art books as a kid as much as I did? Which ones?
KH: Because I didn't consider myself an 'artist' like the other girls in my class who doodled Teddy Bear Land and things like that (made up world), the only craft books I remember reading were the ones on how to draw elephants, turtles, horses and other animals.

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