Monday, April 9, 2007

Birthday Hangover and Some Pics

K-Town and Chris

I was so busy last week having my birthday that I didn't get the chance to write anything!
Jim threw me the most wonderful semi-surprise party I've ever had on Saturday afternoon.
He finally came back and picked me up around 2 pm and took me over to SUPERIZE!! Spuyten Duyvil where all of my fantastic friends and all of my fantastic family were waiting! It was an amazing afternoon party, with kids and sliced meats and cheese and beer and champagne and still warm birthday cake. It was a lot of down-home fun. There were beautiful red tulips from Ada and Heather and packages of candy that the girls put together and Kaelea made special stickers for. Jen got pretty as can-be decorations and bought me a sexy birthday cake hat. My mom and Joie and Craig and Sandy brought cookies and trays of fruit. Jim Monahan brought champagne. Old friends I hadn't seen for awhile came. Everyone got to meet my family. It was really great.
Afterwards, anyone left-over crossed the street with us and ate bbq at Fetten Sow--a new joint opened by Spuyten Duyvil's owners. It was also really fun, delicious and really down home.
After that we karaoked the night away. More pictures as they come.

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Limonada said...

That was so much fun Debbie Stein. You look thirteen years old.