Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Spring Assemblages around the House

We blew the yolks out of eggs last fall and then splattered them with gold paint
for a Spring photo shoot. I love empty eggs.
Bought that lacquered windowbox at that cool Chinese antique store on Mott Street in Chinatown
in Manhattan about 5 years ago. I'll try to get the name. See that little thing hanging from the cactus on he left side of the photo? It's an old papoose doll , that says The Grand Canyon" found a t a yard sale in Flagstaff, AZ. The sandstone Buddha was given to me by Alex from Loveshine. Little Japanese porcelain "peach" pot, from an antique store near Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Got these tiny glass cups at ABC Carpet and Home in February before I went to Paris. I used them in the show for my Fall Mercury/Bonnie and Clyde theme. They have kind of a raw mercury splattered feeling that I liked.
Love our Salvor Squirrel pillow. Behind that, the pillow is from Ikea. Below the shelf: a panoramic photocollage (mine) of my favorite city in the world and where I stayed for 10 months, Benares taken from a boat ride on the Ganges river; my painting; a photograph of an child bought in Mysore, South India in 1994, Above the shelf: Old photo of some kind of Accordian Players Club, bought for $5 at an estate sale in San Francisco.
Left to right: Fertlity doll bought near Ephesus in Turkey on our honeymoon, Jim's grandfather's ceramic piggy bank (it's actually scotch-taped together!) postcards from Seville, Water Buffalo horns found trekking in Harki-doon in the Indian Himalayas in 1997, Assorted shells, coral, rocks and bones from other trips.
Most favored object award goes to my Ann Wood bird, (given for xmas by my lovely friend Sarah of Plunket and Pivet handbags) with a puffy pod I found outside along with another strange thing from a teee I found in Arizona in a ceramic bowl bought by my mom at Simon Pearce Studios in Quechee Vermont (we went there on holiday with my folks and my mom bought it for me because it has a little bird on the bottom of the bowl-sweet!)
Pewter tray, bought at a second hand shop on third avenue; whale rattle from the Yucatan given to me by Jen, a wooden "bear family" box commorating our camping trip in Yosemite National Park where we saw a bear family, eiffel tower construction souvenir coasters bought along the Seine on a trip to Paris; those gold-printed cocktail napkins under the candles were my mothers from the early 70's; Beach rocks from Portugal trip in March.
Glass containers including blown bird vases from Golden Calf on N. 6th and Wythe in Williamsburg, porcupine quills and saguaro wood from Tombstone and Tucson, Arizona; wax flowers used at my wedding bought at French General, now since moved to LA; and I have finally bit the bullet and lumped my rocks and shells together in one place--I can only kind of remember where everything is from.


Bonbon Oiseau said...

Got that black laquered windowbox at Sinotique on Mott Street.

kate said...

That egg photo is just gorgeous--reminds me of old Dutch Master paintings, something about the cool light and dark background.

molly said...

i love ALL of those, deb. especially loving the shelf with the fantastic photo above it (last photo). i bet your house is beautiful all around...

Anonymous said...


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