Sunday, April 15, 2007

Interview Project for A Very Wet Sunday

'Lil Bonbon, age 2, itching to make some fake glasses like Dad's (his are real).

So, as I was finishing the post below and re-watching the clip of Handmade Nation, it made me feel great to have been a crafty kid. I started thinking about my background as an artist/designer/craftgirl. I know that who I was, what I loved and how I was influenced as a kid, enters into my work and has shaped what inspires me now. I 'm lucky that I can continue that spirit of exploration everyday.

Then I thought it would be cool to interview some of my favorite designers and creative people to see what they were like as kids.

C'mon! LET'S DO IT!
1. What were you like as a kid?
2. What did you love to do?
3. How does who you were then come into your work now?
4. How do you keep the spirit of that enthusiasm working for you now?
5. What were your top kooky projects you tried as a wee one?
6. Did you love craft and art books as a kid as much as I did? Which ones?

Try it. For real. Then forward this post to your favorite designer/artist/ crafty friends and email the results to Send pictures!
I'll post them with linkls to your work/site/blog now of course.
Or you could do your taxes.

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