Monday, May 21, 2007

Aronzi Aronzo

New favorite gift to give favorite people: The Cute Book and The Bad Book by Aronzi Aronzo. The Cute Book is filled with unbelievable feels-so-good cuteness, almost too much for me too handle. And it's about making little mascots with tons of personality out of felt; I secretly love felt and always have.
The Bad Book is a little different, more like a story. It gives a little action to my two favorite characters, the Bad Guy and The Liar.

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Evelyn said...

Christmas 2007, I received the Cute book from a friend. I made the Lizard first. Why? Just look at him. My husband named him Sal and he has been a form of communication between us ever since. When we are pissed, Sal will leave the messages on the dry erase board and also leave voicemails. No lie. He's our therapist. HA HA